The American dream is to own your own business, but getting it started takes some planning and hard work. Putting into action a systematic plan for your new business formation is essential, and speaking with accounting professionals who can guide you in the right direction will simplify the process.

Are you looking to form and LLC or a corporation? Do you know the difference between an LLC, an S Corp, a C Corp, and a DBA?

If not, do not worry, that is why I am here. I will help you determine the right entity to turn your dream into a reality and get your business off the ground. We will discuss how to protect your personal assets, how to manage and control the business, and the various tax advantages that each type of new business formation offers.

Complete services are offered that include any and/or all of the following:

  • Preparing your initial business plan
  • Determining start-up capital needs
  • Identifying start-up capital sources
  • Evaluating your borrowing power
  • Selecting the appropriate business structure and filing the necessary forms
  • Determining and setting up the accounting software that will best suit your needs
  • Preparing a cash flow budget to help you plan your business over the first few years
  • Establishing billing and collection methods
  • Developing procedures to monitor and control costs
  • Preparing and filing all state and local licenses and permits
  • Preparing and filing Federal Employer Identification Number application
  • Providing complete payroll and payroll tax filing as necessary
  • Ensuring compliance with employment laws
  • Identifying business insurance needs
  • Development of a solid Partnership Agreement, where needed

Your new business formation is the first step towards a successful company, and I am here to help you get off to a strong start. A proper foundation will go a long way as you navigate your future and fulfill your goals.

New Business? Questions?